Weekly Telemarketing News Roundup

Robocalling is in the news again (when isn’t it?).

This time in New York as Cuomo attempts to garner some populist appeal by going up against the telemarketing industry:

Gov. Cuomo Cracks Down On Telemarketers

Gov. Cuomo signed legislation today that prohibits calls delivering prerecorded messages unless the recipient has expressly consented to the calls. Telemarketers must also provide call recipients with the option to be put on a do-not-call list.

The story goes on to point out there are only 30 telemarketers registered in New York but 500 in New Jersey that are allowed to call New Yorkers. Now we know why New Yorkers wish they could burn the George Washington Bridge.

Volunteer Firefighters Warn Ross Residents of Phony Telemarketing Effort

Tugging on the heartstrings, charitable inclinations and guilt of the average citizen is alive and well:

The Berkeley Hills Fire Company, station 247, recently issued a warning on its website about a phony telemarketing effort in Ross Township to raise money for local volunteer firefighters.

In my first year out of college, I worked a short while for a telemarketing outfit that solicited donations for an annual police officer’s charity event. I don’t know how much of the cash we raised actually went where it was supposed to… I suspect not very much of it.

Man from Canada pleads guilty in Texas to fraud

Oh, for crying out loud… how can anyone, I mean anyone still fall for this?

Prosecutors say Thamby and his associates, between 2002 and 2007, lured people into thinking they won a lottery or a sweepstakes. Investigators say the victims sent money to Thamby’s group in Toronto to claim a nonexistent prize.

…and they made millions doing this…

Calls to Return Telemarketing Jobs Continue

Trying to bring telemarketing jobs back to the U.S. may seem like an exercise in futility or a ploy to patronize uninformed voters in an election year. But that isn’t stopping some organizations from agitating.

On the one hand politicians are doing everything they can to kill the telemarketing industry in the U.S.; on the other, they cry fowl when companies turn to India and the Philippines to get the job done. Funny how they can talk out of both sides of their mouths like that… it’s a real skill.

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