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  1. Matthew
    Matthew at | | Reply

    Gene, I always love your educational information – real substance that makes a big difference!

    1. Pablo
      Pablo at | | Reply

      We have tried outsourcing telemarketing. I found that only one in ten can really generate leads or close sales so do your home work and check out the companies references FIRST. It could cost you your business if you don’t. Otherwise just do it in house, that is if you know how to write a good telemarketing script . Go the google search to find for free tips to help you along the way. Don’t do this in house if you cant write scripts or you will pay dearly. Good luck.

  2. Dave
    Dave at | | Reply

    Interesting post – I guess it comes down to self discipline really. Some people really struggle with the motivation to get stuck in, and others find it easy.

    I remember working from home when inbetween jobs, and just set myself mini targets.

    By this I mean, 1 hour solid calling, 15 min break, 20 mins prospecting, 15 min break etc. This made the day easier to manage and tackle – but it comes down to self discipline.

  3. Christian Pai
    Christian Pai at | | Reply

    Very interesting post. The technique you are advising to be used is really effective. This way you can work at home with great productivity, which is the main goal.

  4. Allie
    Allie at | | Reply

    This kind of time management is great. I mean, how can it be better. You will surely never get bored and you will be productive. It is really hard if you have bad time management so, this is great.

  5. Luke Avedon
    Luke Avedon at | | Reply

    Thank you! Brilliant–I’ve been toying with a bunch of ways to structure the time but this is by far the best.

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