Telemarketing Rants, Raves and Pranks

So it is election season and once again, the candidates fly to locations to make long speeches, hold mewling babies, chomp on hot dogs and donuts, and most likely make promises they probably won’t and can’t keep. All the while smiling and waving and weaving and bobbing… Some still must make calls, after all, life goes on! Here (still) President Obama takes a campaign break and speaks to a hapless customer service agent who probably won’t be voting for him now. And, she don’t take no sass from the Prez!!!

And, since the Telemarketing Blog is not in any way partisan or biased, we have to include Mr. Romney. Here, Mitt gets a call from none other than Arnold, who made a guest appearance last week on our blog. Arnold has a lot of free time on his hands these days so, why not call up the Governor of Massachusetts who’s now running for higher office, and chew the fat? And, Matt Romney, Mitt’s son, is the guy who put this important call through.

And, since Barack remains President, at least for the moment, we’ll give him the last word. He’s a cool dude, as we all know, sings a little Al Green, and — smoked a little reefer as a young man. Possibly, he still partakes, secretly, behind closed doors at the White House with Michelle? Or more likely with Joe Biden, who as we know, loves to laugh! But here, Obama calling Marijuana Anonymous, after all, this habit must stop!

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