Telemarketing – To Outsource Or Not To Outsource

Although the English was a little painful to read (outsourced content writing, anyone?), someone looking for a call center might find the following (extracted) checklist handy:

  • Call center agents are highly experienced in B2B calling
  • They have a large in-house database- cultivated over the years of being in business
  • They offer a variety of telemarketing services
  • They offer a variety of marketing services in addition to telemarketing
  • They have sufficient and up-to-date technology infrastructure

Source: Outsourced Telemarketing – Narrow Down Your Selection, Decisions Must Be Quick!

Maybe you’re not sure if you should outsource at all? Interestingly, Jonathan Catley over at ITMarketing World put together his own list of 5 scenarios where outsourcing telemarketing makes sense:

In a recent Marketing Sherpa Benchmark Report, they note that spending on telemarketing/lead generation programs continues to increase.  As the trend of SMO (Sales/Marketing Outsourcing) continues, organizations are being forced to find more efficient, scalable, and effective solutions to generate revenue. With the economy on the upswing, and the IT industry continuing to be a dynamic arena, when does it make sense to partner with a vendor for your teleprospecting campaign?  So, in honor of the NIT Semifinals, and its big brother, the NCAA Final Four, I present four common scenarios (there are many more) when outsourcing completely makes sense for your organization. Source: The Final Four: 4 Scenarios for Outsourcing your Teleprospecting

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