Telemarketing News: Work at Home Scams, Offshore Scam Callers, Kansas Fitness and Travel Clubs Fined

Work at Home for More Money than you can Afford

Tired of your boss peering over your shoulder and trying to get between you and Facebook? Hoping to never have to pack your lunch in a brown paper bag again? Wanting to take your little dog to work every day and not have to worry that she will nip the heels of the new client? If you have these secret longings you are not alone. Like many people, you’ve probably considered creating a home-based business.

In Florida and New York a telemarketing company called The Tax Club sold the dream of a home-based business to budding entrepreneurs often bilking them of thousands of dollars. Falsely claiming to provide essential services like tax return preparation, customized business planning, and business credit development services, The Tax Club spent hours on the phone convincing the ambitious and gullible to buy first one service, and then of course, another, and then, another. Thousands of dollars were spent by the unsuspecting on what turned out be a scam. The dream was sold and resold before it was seen for what it was — a homely, motley and sad fraud.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the New York and Florida Attorneys General charged The Tax Club with deception and taking advantage of people who were struggling and cash strapped. Here: Source

High-pressure tactics were used and false claims were made. The Tax Club was a complex operation including 12 interrelated corporate entities that did business under dozens of names. All controlled finally, by four sneaky people with the gift of gab.

Sometimes, working for a boss is better than staying home and paying someone else in order to work at all.

Offshore Callers Drive Canadians Bonkers

Canadians have a Do Not Call list but offshore telemarketers, some calling from as far away as Karachi Pakistan, are able to bypass it and drive many of our friends north of the border to fits of distraction. Many feel that the unsolicited calls made by telemarketers half the world away are driving them to the brink of nervous collapse. Apparently, these telemarketers are encouraged to lie and use profanity. These unsettling and unsolicited calls are causing many Canadians to feel as though they are “losing control.” Possibly soon, Canadians will be seen on the nightly news on stretchers being taken out gently into still falling snow and placed into waiting ambulances for a trip to the local loony bin, all the while muttering “I told them not to call me again. They kept saying they were from Montreal and that’s why they talk funny.”

Any way, the Canadian authorities do have some power and when they can they find and fine the overseas miscreants. If they can find them since many companies “spoof” or successfully hide their location using computer programs specifically created to help a caller impersonate a location and shroud his actual one.

We are hopeful here at Telemarketing News that Nigerians won’t soon drop email scams and start picking up the phone. Fraud is global now, and that scamming telemarketer selling travel packages will be calling you from a boiler room in the center of the Congo or from a raft on the Amazon, some time soon.

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Kansas Couch Potatoes on Do Not Call List Fight Back

Meanwhile back in Kansas, Prairie Life Fitness is being fined for calling Kansans on the Do Not Call list, and pleading with them to give up their sedentary lifestyles. Vandell Communications also rang the DNC folks up, offering prizes for a company that sells travel-related services. Both companies will pay the state hefty penalties and fees.

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