Telemarketing News: Political Robocalls on Hold, Renewable Energy Scams hit Arizona, Canadian Air Miles Evaporate Bank Accounts

Whither the Political Robocall?

Most of us are relieved that the election season is finally over. After being taunted and tortured by both political parties and — Roseanne Barr, we are ready for a period of relative calm. Even the yawning abyss of the impending “fiscal cliff” can’t get anyone too worked up now that we’ve just come through another election season. And, there are finally, no more robocalls!

Political robocalls are legal to make even to those in the Do Not Call registry, and both parties make them. That may soon change, and it has changed, at least in a couple of states already. Senator Dean Hansen, D-Green Bay, Wisconsin, announced that he was working on legislation to ban those pesky political entreaties to vote. Apparently, Dean received eight to nine robocalls a day during the recent election, and he was not alone. While robocalls don’t generally convince anyone to vote for a particular candidate, they are often good tools for getting out the vote. Inexpensive and efficient, millions of calls can be made without having to feed pizza to even one campaign volunteer, and robocallers show up for their calling shifts on time and tireless. Even so, two states, Arkansas and Wyoming, have banned them.


There is some speculation that banning the calls may spawn a court case regarding free speech, since a ban could be construed as censorship of a form of political speech. Politicians tend to guard their political speech zealously, since so much rides on the outcome. Time will tell in this latest attempt to keep phones from driving their owners stark raving bonkers.

Arizona Sunshine Inspires Robocalls for Solar Energy

Meanwhile a new politically correct robocalling scam is hitting Arizona!

Robocalls claiming to be from a local utility company, Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative (SSVEC), are offering customers energy audits and solar panel installation. Now, who would use the offer of solar panels to scam someone! But, there are evil greenies out there doing just that. Refugees from Greenpeace or another environmental activism group – possibly fired due to not hitting their quotas, are now wandering about bitter and eager to strike out at utility users who dare to turn on the lights and destroy the earth!

For those earth destroying consumers, who gorge on non-renewable energy sources, robocalls also offer a reprimand that their utility bill is delinquent. To fix this negligence the consumer’s bank account or credit card number is necessary! Well, of course!

Mysteriously, neither the BBB (Better Business Bureau) or SSVEC could identify where these scam calls originate. When a robocall number is dialed, its point of origin appears to vanish in a sucking void of renewable energy. Apparently, the robocall numbers were dialed from a place where not a trace of human or animal can be detected. The calls may have been made from a green energy space station, or an underground renewable energy terrorist cell. At any rate, don’t fall for it!


Hopefully, these scammers can be caught. If you get a robocall like this and actually participate in one of these audacious renewable energy “audits”, please contact the BBB at 520-888-5353 or email them at You can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at .

Free AIR MILES in Canada are Hot Air

And if you happen to live in Canada and get a call from either a machine or a person claiming to be AIR MILES Canada, it’s phony.

Once again scammers are taking people in by offering a prize for cash, and this time the prize is thousands of air miles. Don’t give up your account info and do notify authorities! And, I don’t mean the Mounties but the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, visit them for more information at:


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