Telemarketing News: Cancun for Canada, Fake Arizona Veterans, and False Hope for Credit Card Debt

Cancun for Canadians, a Scam!

Who doesn’t want an uber-cheap vacation to Cancun? Cancun with its velvet warm days and sparkling blue oceans is a favorite for folks seeking to unwind in an environment of natural beauty and pristine opulence. So when people receive calls from telemarketers offering steep discounts on travel and resorts, they want to believe it’s true. Unfortunately, a new scam is using the names of Canadian businesses and Mexican resorts to gently prod unsuspecting consumers out of credit card information. Claiming to call from Karisma Resorts and Hotels and offering a six day stay for four people for only $999.00, the scam telemarketers have been taking people in and snatching their credit card information. In actuality, Karisma Resorts does not use telemarketers.

Southern Ontario, metro Vancouver and Alberta are being targeted and investigators find it hard to trace the calls since they are randomly generated from a computer program that camouflages their source.

Credit card numbers are used for shopping sprees by the gleeful thieves, or sold to organized crime.

Law enforcement advises that people hang up on these calls.

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Garbage bags, light bulbs and Veterans

Arizona telemarketers hawking high-priced garbage bags, light bulbs, and other common household items have been placed on hold indefinitely when it comes to calling Iowa. Two separate Arizona companies, one representing a “charity”, and another that claimed to have patriotic veterans working the phones but instead had slimy scammers, have been told by Iowa Judges to cease and desist calls to the state of Iowa.

Two separate Polk County District Courts in Iowa silenced Action Point LLC, and American Workshops LLC. Apparently, they can continue to call other states, so be aware of those two companies if you live any place other than Iowa. The two Arizona companies did not admit to any wrongdoing.

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Telemarketing Scam Snares Credit Card Debtors in Arizona

An entire parcel-load of scam telemarketers have recently been targeted by Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne. Using pre-recorded calls to debt-ridden consumers carrying large balances on high interest credit cards, the defendants offered huge interest rate reductions. They also offered to transfer those crushing balances to a card with zero percent APR and a dramatically lower interest rate. Nothing of the sort happened as hapless consumers only got a handful of “financial education” DVDs, and a superficial repayment plan. No interest rates were reduced and $900.00 was charged for the bogus service. The only advice offered in the “payment plan” was for the consumer to make a larger monthly payment on their credit card debt, in order to save money! While some of these credit card users may have found this timeworn truism enlightening, for the majority it most certainly was not.

The following companies were caught in the scam according to the article here: Source

“Eric Pugh, Betsy Valorose, Justin Journay, Rares Stelea, Emory Holley IV and Lisa Miller were named as defendants in the lawsuit. The defendants went by the names Financial Management Partners Inc. Key One Solutions, Key Tech Software Solutions LLC, First Secure Management, Elite Planning Group, 3Point14 Consultants LLC, Complete Financial Strategies LLC, Allied Corporation Connection, Purchase Power Solutions LLC and Proactive Planning Solutions.”

Beware of telemarketers bearing gifts; if you are in debt and it’s not a collection call, it might well be a fraud. While this doesn’t always hold true, it does pay to look a little more closely at any offer being hawked before you pay out even more money for what is essentially worthless advice.

Luckily for these victims, there will be restitution.

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