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gene gerwin
Gene Gerwin

My name is Gene Gerwin and I’ve been in the telemarketing industry in one capacity or another since 1991.

I started my own business-to-business telemarketing company (CCI Telemarketing) in 1993 and have managed hundreds of projects for Fortune 500 companies as well as small high-tech startups.

If you’re interested in learning more about how I earned my bones in the industry, I have a blog post about it here.

I know some of you don’t have time to read a long back story just to figure out if I provide the consulting service you’re looking for. So, here’s a quick summary for you:

Executive Summary
I’ve managed hundreds of telemarketing projects and written as many if not more telemarketing scripts. Most of my background is in B2B lead generation and telesales for high-tech products and services.

  • 20+ years experience
  • B2B expertise for lead generation, sales, event support
  • Telemarketing script writing
  • Outsourcing to the Philippines (usually for help desk or customer support)
  • Vendor management
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My Story Continued…

In 2005 I transitioned my company from facilities-based to virtual, with agents, managers and clients taking advantage of online project management resources to complete projects with greater efficiency than ever before.

By going virtual, I was able to reduce overhead by over 30%. This afforded me the ability to not only pay my work-at-home agents better wages, but actually reduce rates to my clients at the same time!

Over the next five years I managed a variety of lead generation campaigns for high-tech companies. Most of the telemarketing teams I put together were relatively small, ranging from 5 to to 10 virtual agents. However, since I now had access to a nationwide pool of talent, the caliber of the agents was very high.

Starting around 2010 I was getting less and less demand for project management and there was a lot more interest in my telemarketing script writing services and consulting.

I found this was a welcome change of pace. I enjoyed reviewing the hundreds of scripts I’d written together with clients over the last 20 years. Extracting the most effective and potent techniques from the most successful telemarketing projects gave me new insights and ideas that I put to good use with my consulting and script writing clients.

20 Years Of Telemarketing Script Writing And Consulting Experience

It’s hard to believe how time flies. I still remember my first days out of college, not sure what path my career was going to take. My original intent was to attend graduate school to become a psychotherapist. Dream therapy, behaviorism, neurolinguist programming, hypnosis, gestalt therapy, Freud and Jung… these things all held a particular fascination for me- and still do.

What Motivates Your Prospects?
What Motivates Your Prospects?

In fact, psychology is the foundation on which good persuasion strategies depend. There may not be a direct application of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to selling a new kind of printer toner, but there is always something. Figuring out what that something is can give you an edge in the marketplace. I believe it was my years of studying psychology in college that helped me build and manage successful telemarketing projects for my clients.

College also taught me the importance of testing and analysis. That’s why I never write my telemarketing scripts in a vacuum. The hundreds of scripts I draw on come from actual telemarketing projects and millions upon millions of calls conducted in my call center. These are scripts that were tested and refined, not just theoretical propositions.

Scripts should never be set in stone. Once a script is delivered to my clients, I expect there will be feedback and a need for new script branches, revisions, and perhaps even radical experiments…

My Telemarketing Scripts Come With 30 Days Of Unlimited Revisions

I will never cast you adrift after delivering your telemarketing script. Telemarketing script writing is a service, not a product. You’re paying for my time and consulting, not just for some sheets of paper. To really help you get the most out of your script, I also provide a recording of how I expect your agents to sound on the phone using it. I’m also happy to get on a conference call with you and your agents to discuss the script and answer any questions that come up. Furthermore, I’ll listen in on your agents live or through recordings to hear if they’re using it correctly or if anything needs revising.

Telemarketing Case Studies

Here are a few projects I managed in my call center that required very different telemarketing scripts.

Project Description

OracleWith over 40,000 employees and 10 billion in annual revenues, Oracle is truly one of the behemoths of the software industry. While they have diversified their products and services, they have remained true to their core business which is database software and applications.

The annual get-together of the Oracle Applications User Group is a spectacle to behold- the number attendees rivaling major industry conferences. Besides the numerous sideshows and entertainment value of the event, it is also an important educational and promotional opportunity for users and vendors alike.

Footing the majority of the bill, Oracle wanted to improve their ROI by getting prospects to attend from new divisions within companies that already used Oracle. CCI faced the challenge of reaching these prospects without permission to enlist the help of the Oracle database managers populating the client list. Being a critical concern, the highest echelons of Oracle were said to be keeping a watchful eye on the proceedings.

After ramping up to over twenty callers within a week, CCI successfully carried out over fifteen thousand calls over one thousand hours without incident. At over $2,500 per attendee, CCI sold over $800,000 in registrations. The cost to Oracle for this project was $50,000- giving them a $750,000 ROI on the campaign.


Project Description

ExtricityExtricity provided a platform for developing enterprise-scale e-commerce and supply-chain integration applications. They focused mostly on the banking, finance, and retail industries. Extricity was acquired by Peregrine Systems and is now a defunct entity.

While they were still an independent company, we had the pleasure of assisting them with a wide variety of projects that at times involved co-marketing arrangements with Manugistics, IBM, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, and Cisco Systems among others.

Identifying companies that fit their target market presented a key challenge. Although they had access to standard prospect lists, they needed to know which companies actually transacted business over the web.

Using a combination of phone and Internet research, we developed a database of 20,000 executive-level and technical contacts at companies that relied on Internet-based systems for supply-chain management, logistics, and other business transactions.


Project Description

HughesLocated in Hyderabad, India, HSS is a recently formed sub-division of Hughes Network Systems. Specializing in building sophisticated communications systems that span land to air or space, HSS needed help finding clients for their thousands of software engineers located in their newly constructed multi-million dollar campus.

Lacking any name recognition (other than that of the parent company) or track record, CCI’s agents faced particularly high hurdles to overcome representing HSS. Prospects, mostly VPs of Engineering at manufacturing companies, were highly suspicious and reticent to divulge information fearing they might fall prey to some sort of competitive intelligence gathering ploy.

CCI’s consultative approach fit perfectly with the needs of this project. After one thousand hours and twelve thousand calls, we generated over one hundred and fifty short-term opportunities for HSS’s services and software. Initially estimated at $600 per lead, we achieved an average cost per lead of only $350.

Very happy with the results, HSS renewed the project and even gave serious consideration to flying the entire team of callers to India for three months of technical training.


Project Description

konica-minoltaKonica Minolta, Inc is a world leader in imaging with its over 41,000 employees and just under 8 billion dollars in net sales for 2013. Established as Konica Corporation in 1873, and reorganized as Konica Minolta, Inc., in 2013, this imaging giant has stayed the course and remained an industry leader in the sales of imaging products and business solutions. A key distinction for Konica Minolta, Inc. is the consulting they provide clients in the areas of implementation, production, strategy, compliance, and data management, as well as their easy to use business software applications.

Once a month, Konica Minolta, Inc stages their “National Telemarketing Day” – where sales representatives across all departments devote an entire day to new client acquisition through telemarketing. This monthly event is an important part of Konica Minolta, Inc.’s sales culture, providing motivation and training for their business consultants.

With a dozen or so dozen or so different scripts developed at different times and by different department heads, Konica Minolta asked us to review them for accuracy, consistency and effectiveness of value propositions and technique. In addition, they wanted to consolidate the scripts down to six.

We proposed a strategy that gave all stakeholders a chance to voice their concerns, requirements, and recommendations. Final delivery would include the consolidated and re-written scripts, training documents, training recordings, and a train-the-trainer session.

Konica Minolta gave us the green light, but required we complete the project within an extremely ambitious schedule.

After creative meetings with key management staff and a few weeks of interviews with product managers and Sr. Business Consultants, CCI delivered the scripts which were approved by Konica Minolta, Inc.

Total time for this project from interviews to script delivery was 8 weeks.

The above are just a few of the hundreds of projects I managed.

Partial List Of Telemarketing Clients (Project Management, Consulting, Script Writing)

Action International
Action Technologies
ADL Circuits
Allied Boston
Applied Innovation
Advisor Resource Alliance
Arachnid Software
Argyle Imaging
Amalgemated Software of North America
Business Computing Systems
Bisil North America
Burr Wolff
C2i Solutions
Cognitive Technology Corp
Communications Consulting
Computer 5000
CPP North America
Communication Virtual Services
Data Source Solutions
Dawn Technology
DB Star
Denali Advanced Integration
Document Technologies
ELP Financial
Embee Technologies
First Virtual Corporaton
GE Money
GMS Marketing
Gold Disk
GTE Government Systems
Home Equity Advisor
Hewlett Packard
Interactive Business Systems
Institute of Advanced Medicine
Integrated Warehousing Solutions
Karna Global Technologies
Knowledge Management Software
Kangaroo Technologies
Lawgic Publishing Company
Lender Direct
Legendary Marketing
Mackenzie Partners
Magic Software
Mainstay Software
Matheson Semi
Molecular Designs
Meridian Project Systems
Tathya Infosystems
Model Technologies
National Leads
Net Presys
O/E Enterprise Solutions
Onsite Health Care
Optical Systems
Pacific Financial Group
Panda Software
PC Networks
Pipeline Systems Inc.
Privacy Council
Pyramid Circuits
QRS Corporation
Red Brick Systems
Royal Blue
Sales Logix
Sales Rocket
Service Assistant Software
Siebel Systems
Sierra Proto Express
Silicon Maps
Silicon Valley Research
Small Planet
SNS Tech
Software Dynamics
Software Horizons
Software Science
Safety Technology & Innovation
Tools & Technologies
Technical Connections
The Wollongong Group
The Write Team
Time Trend Computers
Troyco Tech
United Computing Resources
Utopia Technology Partners
VAR Magazine
Varsity Logistics
Venture Media
Vulcan Communications

Customer Testimonials

It’s easy enough to heap praise on oneself, but it’s much better coming from others- don’t you agree?

“…Extremely Pleased…”

“While it might seem unprofessional it bears mentioning that I am extremely pleased with the work that you do. I cannot begin to explain how your attention to detail and prompt service has set my expectations to new heights. You and your team are doing a fantastic job and spoiling us. With everything else being as tumultuous as our business tends to be, it is nice to know that there are people who have set high standards and consistently exceed them.”- Robert Deasy, Sales Manager, Document Technologies, Inc.


“CCI was instrumental in helping us build name recognition in a very tough market. Their representatives are very helpful and competent.”- Michael Cohn, VP Marketing, Intellicorp, Inc.


“Our product is fairly technical and the project required contact with the highest levels of management in Fortune 500 companies. Not only was CCI up and running within a matter of days, but I was impressed with the level of understanding their representatives displayed in their handling of the calls and the thoroughness of their notes.”- Mark Bickerstaffe, VP Sales/Marketing, Varsity Logistics, Inc.

“…Highly Skeptical…”

“I was highly skeptical when CCI first approached me. Our product targets a niche market within a niche industry where an in-depth understanding of the issues is required. However, CCI’s sales representative made a good impression on me and I decided to give it a shot with a trial project. The results were so exciting we decided to continue with additional projects. Not only did CCI bring us up to speed with all our recent inquiries, but also cleaned up our contact database and conducted in-depth interviews with our entire customer base during a version upgrade push. I strongly recommend CCI to any technical company out there that might be considering outsourcing telemarketing.”- Carol Lee, President, Red Brick Systems, Inc.


“I appreciate the thoroughness of your work and the insight into the emotional considerations for each prospect.”- Peter Grey, VP Sales/Marketing, Utopia Technology Partners, Ltd.

“…200% Improvement…”

“We were using a large business-to-business telemarketing company located on the east coast. While the results we got from them were satisfactory, we wanted to try a local company so we could provide on-site training. It was clear from the get-go that CCI was a different kind of company. Performance statistics improved over our previous vendor by 150% to 200%! Their representatives weren’t intimidated by technical jargon or high-level contacts. The quality of the data we received was above industry standards. Reports were consistently on time and accurate. CCI always met project goals and usually under budget, sometimes by substantial margins. In fact, on a recent project, not only did CCI resolve 90% of a 5,000 name list but they also came in about $8,000 under budget! Give CCI a try, you won’t regret it.”- Lee Thompson, VP Marketing, Utopia Technology Partners

“…Brought Us New Clients…”

“We were looking for a way to expand our reach into neighboring cities. We had tried printed advertisements but the results weren’t that great. Within a month of calling, CCI brought us new clients. Way to go CCI!”- Markus Harisson, President, Technical Connections

“…Came Across As Peers…”

“After attendance at a major tradeshow, we needed assistance following up on all the inquiries we received. We develop and market high-end Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS) that range in cost anywhere from a few hundred thousand dollars to as much as a million or more dollars per installation. Our customers are sophisticated buyers and would be instantly turned off by a “telemarketing call.” CCI’s reps successfully carried out this project by approaching the calls in a conversational manner and coming across as “peers” rather than “telemarketers.” For this to work, they had to be completely familiar with our technology. CCI’s in-depth training made this possible. Impressed by CCI’s performance, we then utilized their services to help us open discussions with decision makers in major HMO’s throughout the state of California. We also employed CCI’s services to research a potential market segment for some of our lower-end systems. I recommend without hesitation CCI to anyone (except our competitors!) that needs to outsource telemarketing.”- Oran Muduroglu, VP Marketing, Cemax/Icon/Imation, A Kodack Company

“…A Pleasure To Work With…”

“Making inroads into our industry segment is difficult, especially considering we compete directly with companies like SAP and PeopleSoft. The calls to senior contacts in very large companies required delicate handling and our project parameters changed frequently. CCI was extremely responsive and a pleasure to work with. We will continue to employ their services as the need arises.”- Dave Morton, Marketing Consultant, Ramco Systems, Inc.

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