Slow Cold Calling Days?

Slow Calling Day?

Cold calling is full of peaks and valleys, both emotional and in terms of results- with one affecting the other.

Feeling down? -you’re probably going to make less calls, be less attentive, and give up too easy- resulting in less than average results.

If you’re hitting an unlucky patch of leads, then even being sharp as a tack won’t help you. If you’re new to this business, this WILL bring you down.

…and so on. It’s a vicious cycle.

Fortunately, the cycle spirals in the other direction too.

When you’re on top of your game, you’re going to get better results- which encourages you to keep at it with cheerful optimism. Your prospects will pick up on your attitude and respond in kind, leading to even better results.

The key is to realize that results aren’t completely within your control.

Maybe you’ve heard of the law of averages? Well, cold calling is no exception.

Even though you know that in the long run, coin tosses should come up 50% heads and 50% tails, sometimes you can get 10+ heads or tails in a row… Same thing with cold calling. Instead of always getting 5% to say yes, for example, sometimes it will only be 2%, 1%, or even 0%.

In the world of poker, this is known as “variance” and is one of the biggest threats to a players psychological equilibrium.

You just have to have faith that the pendulum will swing in the other direction… some days you will get 10%, 20% or more to say yes.

So, while you don’t have full control of the results, you do have close to full control of your own perspective and resulting behavior.

Speaking of behavior, if you find yourself in the doldrums, ACT like you’re happy and doing well. Stand up, pace while you’re calling, smile, wave your arms, pump your fists at even the smallest victories.

This will often turn that upside down smile right around and get you back into the game.

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