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  1. Dave
    Dave at | | Reply

    An interesting point about telemarketing companies either being small or large.

    What sort of feedback is there from UK companies?

  2. Chris
    Chris at | | Reply

    Thanks for the info about outsourcing your telemarketing.
    I dont think I would ever outsource it to another country, but I guess that’s because it an almost impossible task to find abroad callcenter who has danish speaking employees 🙂

  3. Barbara Mckinney
    Barbara Mckinney at | | Reply

    Philippines is considered as one of the best outsourcing country in the world. Aside from labor cost which an outsourcer can benefit, it has the best and skilled people to do the telemarketing work for you.

  4. A telemarketer
    A telemarketer at | | Reply

    telemarketing is already notoriously difficult to convert sales (you have to be really good at cold calling!) I think if people answered the phone and immediately recognised it was somebody in a different country it screams scam or sales and would hang up. The reason why I am against outsourcing telemarketing offshore.

  5. Sybil
    Sybil at | | Reply

    Companies not only look at the cost when they outsource their services, they also consider the quality of the service that they will be getting.

  6. Mødebooking
    Mødebooking at | | Reply

    I dont know how much things have changed changed over the years, but there are several cc in the Philippines now that are paid pr sale, and a lot of different language, because the lower cost of living compared to example Europe.

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