Notes: Has Social Media Killed Telemarketing

These notes are for Stan Billue & John Von Achen’s 1-hour seminar “Has Social Media Killed Telemarketing? ”

Time To Reach Audience of 50 Million

  • Radio: 38 years
  • Television: 13 years
  • Social Media: 4 years

400% growth projected in next 4 years for social media

Key to sales success is to think of yourself as a business.

Email Capture

  • at least: email & first name
  • no one is asking for telephone number… ask for it

“telemarketing has not replaced social media… it’s an addition”

Social Media Hubs You Should Know About

  • Facebook – 800 million users… 1 out of 7 minutes online on facebook… just passed porno for time
  • Twitter – 10% of Internet users…. 300,000 new users every day… 200 million Tweets a day
  • Pinterest – 97 minute average minute – third behind Facebook and Twitter
  • Google+ – 65 million users
  • WordPress – 133 million blogs, 14% are corporate
  • BranchOut – largest professional network on Facebook
  • LinkedIn – 70 million users… 80% of companies use it for recruiting… 12 million visits a day
  • YouTube – 2 billion viewers a day… 2 hours of vid downloaded per scond… 100 years of content per day uploaded
  • Flickr – 3,000 pics uploaded per minute
  • I-Tunes – Podcasts
  • Manta – fasted growing business network today.. 3,000 new businesses joining per day… 30 million visitors per month
  • Foursquare – 20 people worldwide use it to find businesses every month
  • Quora – rapidly growing, Q&A site
  • RSS Feeds – audio, video, text feeds
  • Wikipedia – 17 million articles – add your own – become a “published author”
  • Article sites – press releases…over 60 that are free…
  • Email – 88% B2C use it, 71% B2B use email marketing

Single Biggest Mistake: Using social media to replace any of current marketing or sales process. Social media won’t close the sale for you… you still have to make an authentic connection…Social media just makes it easier to reach people… telemarketing is more powerful and relevant for sales people than ever…

Telemarketing Skills

  • Opening
  • Qualifying
  • Presentation
  • Objections
  • Closing

Practice 1 hour a day, 5 days a week, for 5 years – you will be world-renowned expert

Opening – Inbound

  • Thanks for calling (name of company)
  • We appreciate you calling (name of company)
  • This is (your name) and how may I provide you with World-Class Service?
  • This is (your name) and how may I make your day a little better?
  • This is (your name) and how can I put a smile on your face today? (Stan’s favorite – smile while using it)

Opening – Outbound

Use anything except “H.A.Y.T” (how are you today?)

Don’t ask question in first few seconds of the call… but, a few exceptions:

  • Can you hear me Okay?
  • Am I pronouncing your name correctly?
  • Can you stand some great news for Tuesday, June the 12th? (95% of the time they’ll ask “what’s that?”)

Always open with a couple of potential benefits… “what is in it for me?” … you have 8 to 12 seconds to impress your prospect…

Quantum Qualifying

Use Instructional Statements

  • “Tell me about…”
  • “Fill me in on…”
  • “Share with me how…”

This minimizes the interogation effect from asking a series of close-ended questions

“Buyers are liars” is a saying that arose because prospects recognize your script and have defensive scripts they run automatically. Using instructional statements will help you sound less scripted.

Use Continuation Phrases

  • “Please continue…”
  • “Go on…”
  • “And then what happened?”
  • “Tell me more”

Powerful Presentations

  • Be a Performer
  • Learn to Tell stories…
  • Use 3rd party References (if you say it, it must be a lie, if someone else said it, it must be the truth)
  • Learn to Sell With Emotion
  • End with a Benefit Summary – your cutting through information overload (here’s the three key points.. here’s the four factors) and tell them what they’re deciding on

Opportunities with Objections

4 times to handle:

  1. Before they occur
  2. When they occur
  3. After they occur
  4. Never – if they’re just making noise and don’t keep bringing it up

Acknowledge and Proceed

  1. I appreciate that, I hear you, I understand (acknowledge)
  2. On the other hand, at the same time, and yet… (cushioning statement)
  3. Show positives
  4. Continue: did that clear that up, do you feel better about that now, is it out of the way?

Have short & long scripted responses to objections. Use the Short Version first… KISS

The “Switch Off” Technique

2 directions a conversation can take after an objection- talking about why they don’t want to buy, or why they should buy…

Turn their Objection In to A Buying Question

I can’t afford it – “I believe what your asking is how can we work this in to your budget, correct?”

I want to wait– “It sounds like you want to know the reasons you should get started now, right?” – stress urgency (limited quantity, time, etc.)

Closing versus Conversations

Test with Trial Closes
How does it sound (look, feel) so far? Great, here’s how we get started…
Keep using the Benefit Summary – listened to a call once where the rep had to go back to the Benefits Summary 6 times

How many times to Close? – Keep closing until you get the sale or they hang up… “Stick & Stay”

Tell them what to do instead of Asking… 5% are leaders, 95% are followers:

  • Heres what we do next, here’s how get started, any questions before we get started?

Generate Leads Without Cold Calling – John

Using Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube

  • Don’t just connect & pitch… start a dialog first…
  • You can download LinkedIn contacts…
  • YouTube gives credibility… you can refer prospects to your videos while on the phone with them…
  • Be Authentic, Ask Questions, Solve Problems – average salespeople do the opposite of each

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