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  1. Nick
    Nick at | | Reply

    I think this review is a very fair and accurate one. Too often we see junk software talked up too dizzy heights. Magic Submitter is one of the only things in SEO that I actually pay money for and it’s worth every cent. One hot tip I’d give to anyone thinking of using it is to only use unique, handwritten, hand spun articles. Not scraped crap! If you use high quality articles in MS the results are outstanding.

  2. Ben Holdsworth
    Ben Holdsworth at | | Reply

    Good review! This software is ace, I used to use SENukeX but I switched to Magic Submitter. Not only is it half the price, it’s also twice as good! I love the fact you can submit to document sharing sites and video hubs, and also that you can add your own sites too. Maigc Submitter is great, I highly recommend it.

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