Jobs For Work At Home Telemarketing Professionals

Need an quick overview of cold calling? A ghost (he needs to work on his green-screen technique) in a hawaian t-shirt explains the cold-calling process (listen for the blueberry technique):

OK, now that you’re a polished telemarketing professional, there’s always someone who can use your service. A want ad just got posted to you might be interested in:

We are a credit card processing company that specializes in business to business sales. We are looking for freelancers to set appointments for our sales reps to close. We pay per appointment in packs of ten in advance. Bids should reflect this. For example, if you charge $10 per appointment, you would bid $100 for this project. Source: Need Appointment Setters for a Merchant Services Company

Although, I hope the $10 per appointment was just a hypothetical… Most service agencies charge upwards of $160 per business-to-business appointment.

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