How Much Does A B2B Telemarketing Lead Cost These Days?

A poll on LinkedIn asking just that question got 500+ responses. Here are the results (note, the amounts are in British Pounds):

business to business telemarketing lead costs

While revelatory in itself, segmentation always yields additional insight. Here we see the cost per business-to-business telemarketing lead broken down by company size:

B2B telemarketing lead costs

What I find noteworthy in this second graph is that the smallest businesses are more likely to pay the highest prices for their leads. My suspicion is that this is caused by economies of scale issues.

Telemarketing campaigns require substantive administrative overhead- even for the smallest of projects. The percentage of administrative overhead contributing to the cost per lead increases the smaller the project is. Given that small companies, in most cases, can only afford small projects, it makes sense that they end up paying the most.

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  1. wayn
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    That is my personal assumption too.Like in any other industries other than telemarketing, they all aim for the economies of scale to lower cost.

  2. Roger
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    need to develop a clearly defined outsourcing strategy

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