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  1. Noel | The Office Escape
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    Real indeed. Telemarketing is a quick game of sales that really needs quick rebuttals to quick yeses or fast negatives. Thanks for reminding to review my script from time to time. 🙂

  2. tele
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    great post

  3. Sophie
    Sophie at | | Reply

    What a load of complete and utter nonsense!!!!!!!

    I run a telemarketing company and we would never dream of running tactics like this!

    Telemarketing is about broadcasting an informative message to the correct influential individuals, taking the time to listen to their needs and requirements and finding a solution to fit!

    We are not all the same and blogs like this is what is damaging to the reputation of the industry.


  4. Jake
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    Building up rapport with the customer and finding common ground is a good way to build a customers trust. As a businessman myself, I look into different forms of marketing that we could use and I found this article very interesting and may employ some of the techniques discussed.

  5. James
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    Telemarketing is always useful for sales and growth of any business. All in all very nice article about telemarketing thank you.

  6. David
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    Well written and very nice blog, one of the favorites blogs on telemarketing.

  7. David Berens
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    Thanks for the useful rundown of high pressure scripts. While plenty of telemarketing is not done like this, many of these tactics are ineffective or nonsensical in b2b sales, its still interesting how sales reps are able to force the sales through using these tactics.

  8. Lucas Weddle
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    I have been in the telemarketing business for over seven years. In sales there are good products and their are crummy products. There are saturated markets and not so saturated markets. There are good offerings and bad offerings. There are reasonable prices and unreasonable prices. Aggressive tactics like this are necessary to sell products with a poor offering or when you are selling in a saturated market. In sales you go into bed with the company you work for. If you work on commission and they have a poor offering you will struggle to eat. If you work on commission and are trying to sell in a saturated market the best sales man will struggle to eat. The most successful telemarketers are not these type of con men but the ones who have a great offering and a great value proposition and the skill level to present it well. Sales reps have very important jobs and help turn the wheels of industry. I have worked for companies that employed these types of tactics and saw some success. I saw a lot poorer lead quality with these companies. I prefer to work for companies that have more ethical offerings that don’t need to employ these tactics.

  9. baron
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    Hey everyone check out this funny cartoon hip hop parody on telemarketing. Capitalism at it purest comedic form. Click on link below.


    In fact, now that I think of it, mr. sardonicus – the telemarketer should be the theme song for the website

  10. John Carter
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    Hi Gene,

    Nice Post Buddy!!!

    I have just join a startup and it is my first job here as a telemarketing executive, so your article is of great help as it explained the process as to how I should perform.

  11. Rick Jonie
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    This was a good read. I am in search of a good out of house marketing and trying to inform myself more about the business so I can know what to look for. Thanks.

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