Has Social Media Killed Telemarketing?

During this 50-minute webinar, you can expect to learn:

  • How social media has changed the use and the effectiveness of telemarketing
  • Why telemarketing is more powerful and relevant than ever for salespeople
  • Which social tools work best with telemarketing
  • Tactics you can use to generate hot leads without having to cold call!
  • Optimum Openings for IN and OUT-bound calls
  • Quantum Qualifying (Qualify in depth and in less time)
  • Powerful Presentations (sell more and larger Orders)
  • Opportunities with Objections (turn Objections into Buying Questions and other awesome Techniques)
  • Closing versus Conversation (learn to Close without pressure)
  • Strategies to quickly increase your sales and get undecided prospects to buy right now

I posted my notes to this seminar here.

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John Achen One of the most respected thought leaders and peak performance experts in the emerging markets of Europe, Asia, Russia, and the C.I.S., John Von Achen has become a legend when it comes to helping individuals and organizations achieve their maximum performance. Through his corporate reorganization projects, thought provoking seminars and Exceedingly popoular books, John Von Achen reaches an audience of tens of thousands from around the world every month.


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