“But I just bought a new house!?”

Before I took my business virtual, I leased an office building on Geary Boulevard, in San Francisco. With several floors and 50+ workstations, I needed a janitorial service to keep the place spic and span.

When business slowed down, I could no longer justify the $1,000 a month janitorial services expense. I called the owner of the janitorial service to give him the bad news.

I was surprised by his reaction: “But I just bought a new house!?” It wasn’t so much the content of the statement as it was the shock and indignation clearly evident in his tone of voice that got my attention.

It was as if he felt he had a right to my business.

I don’t know how he’s fared since that last conversation; but, I learned two lessons from it: don’t put all your eggs in one basket – and – don’t be surprised when some of those eggs hatch little birdies that fly away.

  1. If you’re a marketing manager, keep testing new markets and marketing methods.
  2. If you’re a telemarketing manager, try to have at least 3 or more agents on your project. Keep testing new telemarketing script ideas.
  3. If you’re a work at home telemarketing professional, have at least 3 or 4 sources of projects.

Remember, you don’t have a right to your customers. You do, however, have a right to have multiple customers. Exercise it.

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