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  1. Scott Watt
    Scott Watt at | | Reply

    This is a great story about persistence, loving the work you do, and inspiration. For You, becoming a telemarketing consultant opened the road to many things.

  2. Mae Trotter
    Mae Trotter at | | Reply

    Wow… interesting story. I wish I could succeed in my field as you did in Yours. The most important is the will to move forward and upgrade yourself.

  3. Jason Read
    Jason Read at | | Reply

    Great post, I think its good for telemarketing consultants to get a taste of the boiler room environment. Yes its high pressure and not always ethical but if you can deal with pressure in the boiler room then you can deal with pressure anywhere !!!

  4. Julie Dawn Harris
    Julie Dawn Harris at | | Reply

    Thanks for the post. Indeed a motivating one. Experience is our great teacher in life coupled with persistence and having a clear vision will lead you to success.

    Thanks Mr. Call Center for being an example.

  5. April
    April at | | Reply

    Wow, such an inspiring story. I’ve been working from home for over 10 years now. I was able to obtain a degree in HR and am actually a recruiter from home for American Support virtual call center. I’ve worked for various companies and it is really very nice to see persistence pay off. Hours were few and far between at the beginning without benefits. But to now have a career is simply awesome! Many people miss out on how rewarding sales can be. But all of us have to draw from our own strengths. To press to make that work from home on your level Mr. Call Center… takes lots of confidence. I tip my hat to you Mr. Call Center.

  6. Matthew F
    Matthew F at | | Reply

    Telemarketing has changed my life in ways I cannot begin to explain.

    When done well, telemarketing and cold calling particular is one of the most empowering skills you can have in your skillset as a business owner or entrepeneuer.

    Take this from a fellow sales trainer: I AGREE!

  7. Zuan
    Zuan at | | Reply

    thanks for your sharing, I got my telemarketing consulting interview at local bank. So I’ve been googling for info about it

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